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RedLine Garagegear Garage Cabinets To Be Offered Through Local Dealer In Raleigh

RedLine garagegear (www.RedLineGaragegear.com) is pushing ahead with efforts to increase its local presence in communities throughout the country; announcing today a new campaign to find a local dealer for its products in Raleigh. Finding an existing business or new start up in Raleigh to offer RedLine’s garage cabinets, workbenches, and other storage solutions has become a top priority for the company in 2014. The RedLine Garage Cabinets Dealer Program can be considered a hybrid of the more conventional franchise model. It offers many of the benefits of a franchise without any of the typical burdens; like royalties, franchise fees, and inventory requirements. Director of Sales and Research for RedLine garagegear, Bill Garrity, offers invaluable insight on all the benefits of being a RedLine agent in his ‘8 Reasons Our Garage Business Opportunity Is Better Than A Franchise’ article published on the company blog. “We’ve really tried to do our best to make this the best possib

LeParfait Announces Launch of New Organic 100% Pure Argan Oil Product

Argan oil, an oil derived from a rare tree native only to a small part of the Moroccan Maghreb, has been steadily drawing more and more interest in the health and beauty world. Credited with carrying a number of benefits by its supporters and the subject of an increasing number of studies, the product finds itself in an increasing state of demand. Stepping up to answer this call by delivering a argan oil held to the strictest manufacturing standars, is the beauty and anti-aging company LeParfait, who recently introduced their 100% Pure Argan Oil product. Early customers of the new oil have been responding with both interest and enthusiasm. Some of the benefits of using the oil, according to the company, include:  its potential anti-aging effects as a skin moisturizer; its ability to bring new body, and life to brittle hair; and  its overall antioxidant qualities which can enhance overall health. LeParfait has chosen to use a 100% natural and organic Argan Oil to prevent some of the

RedLine Garagegear Expands Search For Local Garage Cabinets Dealer To Pittsburgh

Garage cabinets manufacturer, RedLine garagegear, is working hard to fulfill its 2014 expansion goals. The company recently began an active search for a local entrepreneur or established business willing to offer RedLine garage cabinets, workbenches, and other storage solutions locally to homeowners in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. “We’ve always seen Pittsburgh as a target area for us to have a local dealer and now we’re taking a more proactive approach to finding someone there willing to offer our product,” said RedLine’s Director of Sales and Research, Bill Garrity. “Conversations with local business owners thus far have been positive and we’re all very excited to make our products available through an agent in that area.” Since its inception in 2004, RedLine garagegear has offered its products locally through a network of dealers running independently owned and operated businesses. As part of the RedLine Garage Cabinets Dealer Program, local age

Turboflash Releases New Led Mini Camping Flashlight

TurboFlash has announced that they have released a new miniature lighting product which is called the TurboFlash LED Mini Camping Flashlight. This is a follow up tool to their originally successful product, the TurboFlash LED Headlamp. The new flashlight is being geared toward campers, people who enjoy being outside and consumers who require a small and compact lighting unit for emergency situations such as power outages and roadside travel needs. This new tactical LED flashlight is made of silver aluminum alloy, making it durable and esthetically appealing. It has been designed to be waterproof, shockproof, and rechargeable, and it uses a 18650 battery. TurboFlash feels that these qualities make it an ideal tool for outdoor travel and adventure activities. It also uses 250 lumens output, and is quite small and light at only 7.2 ounces in weight and 6.9 x 4.7 x 1.9 inches in size. The miniature camping flashlight reaches distances of fifty meters in length, and offers three different

Three day NAMS12 Workshop kicks off on Friday Aug. 1 in Atlanta, GA.

Twice a year in Atlanta, GA, 300 entrepreneurs gather to discover how to start an online business or take their existing businesses even further. David Perdew, Founder and CEO of NAMS, Inc., says, I created the NAMS Workshop as an educational event. The old pitchfest conferences are dying a slow death too slow if you ask me. He says, The NAMS Workshop is a real roll-up-your-sleeves workshop that has helped thousands of people become more profitable with their online businesses. NAMS or Novice to Advanced Marketing System Workshop is the only online business workshop focused on teaching and implementing strategies and techniques in 4 different experience level tracks. That means there is simultaneous training in 4 different rooms at once for three days. We ve set this up like a university, Perdew says. Advanced students don t want to sit through basic teaching unless it s for review, and beginning students are completely lost when trying to understand advanced concepts, so we meet them

2014 Lake County YMCA Dream House Features Store With Style Closets, Built-ins

On June 21 the 2014 Lake County YMCA Dream House fundraising event officially kicked off. Over the course of nine weeks, thousands of people will have the opportunity to tour the Dream House. They will also be entered into a raffle to win the fully furnished home or a 2014 Chevy Cruze. Thanks to Store With Style, the winner of the 2014 Dream House will have some functional, great looking closets and home storage solutions. The local storage systems provider designed, built, and installed closets; along with a custom built-in dining room buffet and custom built-in study bookcase using components from its RedLine Closet Systems line. “Each year we’re working with a different house so we try to do something a little bit different,” said Store With Style Co-Owner Kathy Wallace. “This year’s Dream House was a little tight on space which is why we decided to go with the two custom built in pieces.” This is the third year Store With Style (8250 Tyler Blvd Suite E Mentor, OH 4406

Alaboard.com introduces the Family Command Center

Alaboard.com launches a family command center to help busy families get and stay organized.  Now days families are pulled in many different directions, with school, sports, and other activities which makes it difficult to organize schedules and tasks.  Marianne Howard a busy mother of 4 girls decided to take action. Having 4 girls of my own with their busy schedules, I needed something that they family as a whole could reference so that each of us knew what was happening.  I was also tired of answering the…. what are we doing today, and what s for dinner questions. said Marianne.  “At first, it started off as just a calendar, which was great, but I was still getting the… what’s for dinner questions and I had to hound the girls everyday to do their chores.” Next, she had the vision of the command center, which included a menu, notes section, calendar, chore charts, and a weekly calendar for the day to day schedules.  Each item would provide each member of the family inst

TurboFlash 1000 Lumen Rechargeable Headlamp is Ideal for Home Improvement

When remodelling or repairing a home, one must have a bright LED light in order to see in those dark spaces. Those who walk in blindly and choose the first flashlight they come across may not get what they need, which is why it is important to sit down and research the different lights that are available. Recently, contractors discovered the TurboFlash 1000 Lumens Rechargeable Light. This light is great to use while working in dark spaces, because it offers 1000 lumens of bright light. Those who work outside during the rainy weather will benefit from the product due to the fact that it is waterproof. Another factor that individuals enjoy about the light is the zoom light beam. It is able to reach at a distance of 300 meters. One should also consider the fact that the light can be recharged, so it can be carried almost anywhere. If comfort is a concern while doing repair work, this headlamp is comfortable to wear; especially for those plumbing projects such as changing pipes under the

RedLine Garagegear Garage Cabinets Making Their Way To Showroom In The Norfolk Area

Homeowners in Norfolk and the surrounding area are likely having a pretty hard time trying to find adequate storage solutions for their garage and home at the present time. Custom garage cabinets manufacturer, RedLine garagegear (www.RedLineGaragegear.com) is hoping to change all that by offering its storage cabinets locally through an authorized agent in the area. Garage cabinets produced by RedLine garagegear are sold through a network of local dealers who run independently owned and operated businesses in local communities in the U.S. and Canada. This business opportunity is not a franchise; however, the RedLine Garagegear Garage Cabinets Dealer Program offers many of the same benefits (and none of the downsides) as the franchise model. “Our dealer program was designed specifically to mirror the franchise model,” said Troy Greenberg, President of RedLine garagegear. “Our local dealers don’t have to worry about franchise fees, royalties, inventories, or our corporate office

8 Year Old Discovers Secret to Chore Chart System by alaBoard.com

From the beginning of time parents have struggled with their children to not only pick up after themselves but to help around the house as well.  Chloe Howard a 2nd grader was thinking of an idea for her science fair project.   It seemed like every time she sat down to try to think of an idea her mom or dad would tell her that she needed to clean her room or do the dishes. “I was so tired of them having to tell me to do my chores.  I want to do it on my own time, not when they wanted me to.”  Said Chloe “That it is when I realized that I should do a chore chart system for my science fair project.   Mom and dad are probably just as tired of asking me as I am.” Chloe started to think about how to create a chore chart system that would put her in control.  First she thought about what would motivate her to want to do her chores.  The answer was simple, a reward.   If she could finish all her chores without being asked she wanted to be compensated somehow. As Chloe thou


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