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Susan Sly Releases Report On Creating Family Habits During The School Year

Susan Sly, an expert in balanced living who is a successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, and empowerment trainer,  recently published a brief guide on her website (www.SusanSly.com) discussing how to handle the family chaos caused by kids going back to school. The brief guide, titled “12 Ideas For Creating Family Habits This Fall” offers 12 specific tips on how to create and embrace new family habits with the school year starting again. Back to school time is a wonderful arena for the creation of new habits as families are conditioned to associate this time of year with new beginnings. In this report, Mrs. Sly writes, “Back to school time is a wonderful arena for the creation of new habits as we are conditioned to associate this time of year with new beginnings. Here are 12 ideas for both the creation and embracing of new habits. Mrs. Sly was recently featured in the book Think And Grow Rich For Women , written by Sharon Lechter and released in May of 2014. Habits are what s

New no-nonsense TSA approved travel bottles available on Amazon.com

Travis Travel Gear, an emerging company in the travel product industry has just announced the release of their first product offering which is the travel bottle set. Spokesperson Matthew Bloom stated that he is “thrilled by the prospect of promoting the products in the US and has turned to Amazon.com to build the Travis Travel Gear company.” He went to say, “We are pleased to introduce our travel bottle set to consumers, this is basically the first of many innovative travel bottle gear we want to bring to the Amazon marketplace.” The Carry on approved travel bottle set comes in a set of three and guarantees no leaks whatsoever, providing the consumer more choices and allowing them an extra level of securing the contents of their carry on liquids. The product are made of durable silicone, squeezable and designed to last while holding liquids .Allegedly they are guaranteed to be leak proof bottles and endure rough usage. It comes also with a one quart size holding bag with re

New Biohacking Podcast Takes The #2 Spot On iTunes

Exerscribe.com, which provides free podcasts through the iTunes channel with high grade informational content, has announced that their Exerscribe Biohacking podcast rank has been pushed to #2 on the website. The fitness and nutritional guidance portrayed through the recordings is interspersed with words of wisdom regarding alternate methods for health success using biohacking and other personalized tools. Kusha Karvandi, creator of the new biohacking podcast has the following to say on this latest success: Biohacking is about discovering the best shortcuts to results. That s the essence of what this Podcast is about. The podcasts influence listeners and viewers to use provided shortcuts, as well as to create their own using custom workout plans, clean eating, and a natural approach to weight loss that has long been forgotten since the introduction of modern equipment, supplements, and other dietary aids. The concepts and ideas give convenient and approachable methods for conquering u

Akili Apps Announces Call Tracker ROI System For The Dental Practice Use

The new Call Tracker ROI system has been announced by Akili Apps to reduce the number of unanswered calls and increase the number of patients for dental practices. The system offers comprehensive marketing tracking reports and services provided by live individuals rather than a computer program. This cuts costs and saves the need for call tracking, by utilizing the system to listen to calls that would otherwise would have to be pored over by additional employees on company time. The Akili team has more than 30 years of experience within the field of healthcare, as well as the development of technology. The new system calculates ROIs to better strategize marketing resources and all reports are customizable to prevent marketing mistakes that may have been made in the past. The current partnership between Akili and Dr. Christopher Phelps has resulted in an increase in revenue of 10X over the last six years, due to a combination of patent-pending software and a live listening team. This a

Stainless Steel Jewelry Fan Turns Passion Into Launch Of A New Website

After a year of successfully selling handmade stainless steel products through popular auction websites such as Ebay and online classified s like Craigslist, the founders of this eclectic mix of fashionable jewelry artisans have decided to take the next step and establish a website online which can be found at http://www.steelogy.com. The whole concept started as a hobby for the owner, Eve Ramos, who is also a budding artist herself. I love to find unique pieces of jewelry in all styles but stainless steel crafted properly has particularly drew me in , states Ramos. She goes on to further say, Once I connected with fellow craftsmen and woman who were so skilled at what they do in making these wonderful pieces of art, I knew I had to help them showcase their pieces and that s how this all began. Consisting of everything from bracelets, chains, earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings and other one of a kind pieces that usually get sold quickly, the online store will provide a more consist

Dr. Gregory Sawyer Now Offering Free Consultations for Dental Implants

Dr. Gregory Sawyer, cosmetic and dental implants dentist in Los Gatos, CA is now offering free consultations for adult patients with missing teeth who are interested in permanent dental implants. During the consultation, Dr. Sawyer and his staff will assess if a patient is a candidate for dental implants and how they can be used to improve their smile and oral health. Using permanent dental implants to fill the void of permanent missing teeth, Dr. Sawyer is able to give patients an alternative that looks just like a natural tooth, and also feels and performs just as their natural tooth did. Dr. Sawyer and his staff encourage any adult in the Los Gatos area who has experienced the loss of one or multiple teeth to take advantage of the free consultation to at least learn how dental implants can benefit their lives. “Dental implants truly are the absolute best option we can offer for patients who have experienced tooth loss,” said Dr. Sawyer. “Not only do implants provide a more na

A new line of travel accessories for savvy travelers is launching September 2014

Travis Travel Gear (TTG) is set to launch early September this year with a new product line of high quality accessories aimed for savvy air travelers around the USA. From TSA compliant Travel bottles and containers to travel organizers and luggage scales, with no hassle from the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), which is stricter every day. Regarding the first product Travis Travel Gear will launch; Matthew Bloom, spokesperson of the company mentioned: Travelers using our gear have the peace of mind that their shampoos, conditioners and other liquids will smoothly pass through the airport security checkpoint without any embarrassing setbacks . While he was reluctant to talk much about the rest of their product line, he assured Our accessories will go with the traveler for years to come. unlike many garbage products out there, that don t even make it back from one trip, we are making sure all our product will last for life . Set at a competitive price in the higher end tra

Dr. Ike Lans Offers Patients Permanent Alternative for Missing Teeth

Ashburn, VA dental implants dentist, Dr. Ike Lans, is helping his local patients finally get a permanent, natural-looking smile even after experiencing tooth loss with the latest technology in dental implants. With dental implants, patients can enjoy new prosthetic teeth that look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. While bridges and partial dentures have long-been the most common alternative to conceal the void of missing teeth, these options only provide a temporary aesthetic fix and can lead to further long-term complications such as bone and gum resorption. A dental implant, however, mimics the function of natural tooth root and keeps the jaw bone, tissues, and gums healthy and viable for the lifetime of the patient. “We’ve had phenomenal success with dental implants thus far, and our patients are extremely happy with the results they’ve received with this procedure,” said Dr. Lans. “Patients love that once the implant is complete, they can treat their prostheti

Power4Patriots Points to Job Creation from Solar Panel Installation

California Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi (D-Torrance), the author of a bill that would require cities and counties to adopt ordinances that speed up the permitting and inspection process for residential rooftop solar energy systems, said that there is more to installing solar panels than saving money and energy, according to the Los Angeles Times. He cited a UCLA study showing that if only 5 percent of Los Angeles County homes had solar panels, it would create 28,000 jobs and reduce carbon gases by the equivalent of removing more than 225,000 cars from the road. Power4Patriots commends Muratsuchi for his efforts to enable more homeowners to benefit from the usage of solar panels. The company encourages homeowners to purchase or make their own solar panels and have them installed on their property in order to save money and lessen the load on an overtaxed, aging and vulnerable electrical grid. Power4Patriots is a recently updated series of videos and manuals describing how to build solar

Champion Risk On The Move in the Local San Diego Community

Champion Risk & Insurance Services, L.P., an affiliate of Wood, Gutmann & Bogart Insurance Brokers, joined together in a community effort with Move for Hunger. Champion Risk, along with Republic Moving, helped the Move for Hunger Team at the America’s Finest City Half Marathon & 5K. Together the two companies raised $1,200 to help hunger relief programs keep food banks stocked in the San Diego area. Champion Risk announced that Marc Crawford has joined the firm as a producer. Prior to joining Champion Risk, Crawford worked for the Leavitt Group, where he handled complex risk solutions and worked with a team of professionals that specialize in Risk Management and Individual Insurance. With over ten years of experience as a Commercial Broker and an MBA in Finance from Eastern Illinois University, Crawford’s focus lies on Transportation, Energy, and all facets of coverage. He also has experience with Unique Property coverage, Excess, Professional lines and Program Specific business


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