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Woodland Hills Remodeling Company introduces Artificial Lawn Grass Installation

In response to the bad drought in California and the need of homeowners to conserve water, Dream Home Remodeling launched its new product/service – Artificial Lawn Grass Installation. But, the bad drought in California is not the only reason why people prefer artificial grass in their lawn. When compared to real grass, synthetic grass is more profitable. The synthetic grass was introduced in the late 60s. During the 60s, synthetic grass was only used in football fields. In the 80s, the use of this grass was avoided in playgrounds because of injury-related concerns. Since then many experiments were carried out toward the improvement of synthetic grass. Now, synthetic turf/grass is not just used in playgrounds, but also in commercial establishments and residential homes. The innovation of technology has allowed the product to be safe and comfortable. Dream Home Remodeling Inc. (DHR) synthetic grass product is highly profitable. It doesn’t require watering, so it’s efficient for

Optimum Employer Solutions Launches New Website

Optimum Employer Solutions has been on the web for years, but the business has somewhat outgrown the original company website.  Therefore, Optimum has decided to launch a new website that will incorporate all of the changes necessary to meet the needs of the growing customer base of this Inc. 5000 company.  The new website will incorporate all of the factors that make it more user-friendly for customers as well as a great deal of new information and resources. Optimum was recently named one of Orange County s fastest-growing businesses by the Orange County Business Journal for the fourth year in a row, reflecting the company s rapid expansion over the past few years.  Optimum continues to expand into new states every year, providing HR services as well as employee benefit management and risk management to employers who are learning how easy it is to turn these important jobs over to a professional employer organization or PEO. The new website will feature much easier and user-frien

SBDC Women In Business Expo Features Keynote by Author Kathi Burns

“Be the Best! Women in Business Expo” kicks off a series of 15 events this Friday October 31st celebrating the North San Diego Small Business Development Council’s 15th Anniversary with Congressman Scott Peters and Senator Marty Block. Keynote speaker and author Kathi Burns will present tactics to show women how to put their best foot forward in business and claim their full power and potential. Kathi is founder of AddSpace to Your Life!, and author of Best Selling How to Master Your Muck . In her “Presentation Skills For Success” Kathi will share easy tactics to create a powerful presence so that a person s image and message will match their career potential. Kathi will show attendees how presenting a positive image helps create a positive message. Other topics during the day will include: “How to be a Successful Supplier”  and Getting Started in Procurement where attendees will learn from a panel of procurement experts what is needed to successfully work their orga

Techni-ICE ™ Dry Ice Packs – Seven Years and Counting

Fort Worth, TX, Oct. 2014 – Techni-ICE™ Dry Ice Packs™ is in its seventh year in supplying polymer-based alternatives to using dry ice. Techni-ICE™ Dry Ice Packs™ began subtly in Fort Worth. Lee and Sue Harper started using these temperature-control products to ship their tamale recipes across the United States in 2004. Techni-ICE™ performed so well that Lee and Sue decided to start a company that sells these polymer-based, non-toxic, non-hazardous, food-grade refrigerant sheets in 2007, only a year after starting the Texas Tamale Warehouse. Ever since, the business has been providing two types of Dry Ice Packs™ Standard and Heavy-Duty Reusable. Standard packs are disposable and mainly for the one-way transport of perishable items – meat, milk, seafood, vegetables, etc. It can also be used for heat-sensitive products, such as cosmetics, medicine, flowers, and more. Heavy-Duty Reusable, on the other hand, speaks for itself: it’s meant to be used over and over again, p

United Van Rentals Announces Multiple Locations

United Van Rentals announces that the company now offers service to customers throughout the Southwest in multiple locations.  Visitors to California, Nevada and Arizona can all find United Van Rentals service throughout these three states. United Van Rentals offers service near Orange County s John Wayne Airport (SNA); Las Vegas Airport (LAS); Los Angeles International Airport (LAX); San Diego Airport (SAN); Long Beach Airport (LGB); Burbank Airport (BUR); Ontario Airport (ONT); San Francisco Airport (SFO); and Phoenix Airport (PHX).  At any of these locations, United Van Rentals will pick the client up at the airport or a hotel or other pre-arranged location.  UVR also has offices in Irvine, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada, to further serve customers in those areas. Customers at all of these locations will find hassle-free van rental as seen at http://www.unitedvanrentals.com/.  Whether travelers need a 12-passenger van rental as seen at http://www.unitedvanrentals.com/12-pass

Optimum HR Introduces Turnkey HR Solutions

Small and medium sized companies have benefited from outsourcing their human resources and personnel projects for years. Outsourcing projects that are not the specialty of an entrepreneur or his or her small staff, saves that company large amounts of money while allowing it to focus on its area of expertise. Newport Beach based Optimum Employer Solutions has been assisting the small business market since 2007 and now offers a new turnkey human resources related solution. Optimum offers its clients customized HR services as seen at http://www.optimumhr.net. The firm assigns a single contact person to a client. The HR consultant then provides assistance with daily issues and challenges. Areas of assistance include routine matters such as leave administration and more sensitive issues such as employee grievances and disciplinary action. By acting as a turnkey human resources solutions provider, optimum manages the responsibilities, while sharing information with its clients managers. Opt

ProView By Polar Pro Introduces Next Level Camera and Phone Integration

Polar Pro’s new ProView cell phone mount makes it easy to use a GoPro® Camera and GoPro® App together for powerful video capture.  By turning a phone into a handgrip, ProView enables simple one-handed operation while filming. For those new to the GoPro® App and its capabilities, the app pairs the GoPro® camera to any smartphone.  This provides full access to camera functions including start/stop record, camera settings, and live view for easy framing of what you are filming.  The app also includes access to easy playback of video clips and the ability to share content across social media platforms.  However, until now, the phone and app have not conveniently been integrated into an easy one-handed operation when filming. ProView was developed with active filming in mind.  As a stable handgrip with live preview, it makes a great tool for follow-cam filming. “For a lot of us, skiing and snowboarding is our background,” says Jeff Overall, President of Polar Pro.  “This

Nuru International Introduces Self-Sustaining Agricultural Models

Countries around the world find themselves fighting some form of terrorism, whether it be in the form of an international network such as Al-Qaeda, or an organization focused purely on domestic issues such as Peru s Shining Path. Regardless of an insurrectionist group s agenda, extreme poverty can be a contributing factor for people not otherwise predisposed to deadly violence. California-based nonprofit organization Nuru International aims to fight terrorism by fighting extreme poverty around the world. A major method of Nuru International is teaching farmers in the developing world how to reach self-sustainability through their agricultural model. Nuru International discusses in substantial detail what causes extreme poverty, as outlined at http://www.nuruinternational.org/blog/tag/cause-and-effects-of-poverty. To a large extent, extreme poverty in agricultural areas results from poor education and training, lack of quality inputs like seed and fertilizer, and lack of access to capi

DailyNu Introduces Supplements for Variety of Health Conditions

Vitamin and nutritional supplements have long provided health benefits to people whose diets lack necessary vegetables and to people who are unable to consume certain foods such as dairy products. With the advent of web-based businesses, vitamin distributors such as DailyNu are able to quickly provide customers a vast array of health-related products. DailyNu has recently added its weight-management product line to its online store. DailyNu already offers many of the best known prenatal vitamins as seen at http://dailynu.com/en/prenatal-multivitamins. Among the products the company offers is Completia Prenatal Multivitamin which is a prenatal multivitamin with DHA & Folic Acid, and 21st Century Healthcare s prenatal supplements which offer benefits to women before, during and after pregnancy. Weight management related supplements are also of assistance with pregnancy-related weight gain. DailyNu s fish oil supplements as seen at http://dailynu.com/en/health-solutions reduce the risk

CEO Space Is Hiring Executive Sales Professionals Worldwide

Being the most successful, the largest and the oldest network in the world, CEO Space provides excellent opportunities for Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Visionary investors to succeed. The company offers advanced training-materials for the next generation business, individual coaching, legal and much more to help the members reach their business goals. Currently, CEO Space is hiring Sales Professionals who can help business owners and entrepreneurs become satisfied in their businesses. The Sales position of a Regional Director is currently open at CEO Space giving the chance to the motivated Sales Professionals from around the world to apply for it. Their role will be to find local and international entrepreneurs who search for options to easily and quickly build their businesses and register them in CEO Space as lifetime members. This will provide them an opportunity to attend Business Growth Conferences organized by the company and to benefit from the international network of entrepreneu


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