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Biocompatibility Advancements At MD&M Minneapolis ǀ Nelson Laboratories

Salt Lake City, October 22, 2014 Representing veteran microbiology lab Nelson Laboratories, Inc., recognized biocompatibility expert Thor Rollins who will present at MedTech industry trade show, MD&M Minneapolis, on the evolving nature of medical device biocompatibility testing standards in relation to regulatory behavior. Over the last four years biocompatibility test methods and regulatory behavior have changed dramatically. While the future of biocompatibility testing hints at faster, more accurate and cost effective test methods, navigating the contemporary regulatory environment has become increasingly complex. Understanding current biocompatibility testing standards in the context of regulatory behavior is necessary for MedTech professionals. “Right now we have a very exciting, dynamic, and sometimes challenging biocompatibility testing landscape. I have been on the ISO Committee for almost 12 years and we have never seen as much development in the 10993 standards as we hav

Hot Tubs Sioux Falls Shares Health Tips for Emotional Wellness Month

Combined Pool and Spa, a Sioux Falls hot tubs dealer and pool builder shares 3 tips for emotional wellness month. “Staying healthy as we get older is easier when we start early,” said Tom Junck president of Combined Pool and Spa. “National healthy aging month is designed to help us examine our lifestyles, and see where even minor changes can help us greatly improve our lives and age more gracefully.” Here are three easy ways to have better emotional health. Remove Emotional Triggers and Influences – Reduce problem areas in life by avoiding people who create tension and turmoil. While it isn’t always possible to avoid everyone who has a negative attitude or causes trouble, such as a difficult boss or a bossy schoolmate, it is possible to avoid social interactions with others who have negative viewpoints. Watching the news can be difficult and stressful as well. However, it is important to stay current with world affairs. Keep in mind that not everything in the world is bad

Hot Tubs Dealer San Diego Shares Tips for National Emotional Wellness Month

Carddine Spas a San Diego Hot Tubs Dealer with hot tub and gas grill showrooms in San Diego, San Marcos and Temecula publishes tips for Emotional Wellness month. “Emotional health isn’t something people can see, and even when they feel the effects of emotional distress, many people discount the problem or outright ignore it,” said Julian Sanchez, president of Carddine. “Emotional health impacts all areas of well-being and has an impact on physical health as well. Keeping a positive emotional state allows people to live happier and more fulfilling lives, enjoy more stable relationships and be more flexible,” continued Sanchez. Here are 3 ways to improve emotional wellness. Laughter is Good for the Soul and Great for the Mind – Laughing at serious problems may be difficult, but the ability to see a positive side to serious situations and laugh at troubles is really a good way to avoid the stress and tensions of common life problems. Even when no immediate situations are cau

Minneapolis, Woodbury Dealer with Hot Tubs for Sale Supports Emotional Wellness

HotSpring Spas of Minnesota and Iowa, selling new and used hot tubs, portable spas, swim spas and saunas is participating in Emotional Wellness Month. “Emotional wellness is an important issue, and this month is set aside to help people understand the value of working toward better mental and emotional health, said Dan Eppard general manager of Hot Spring Spas of Minnesota. “Taking just one step a day to make little changes over time is a great way to improve emotional health according to the National Wellness Institute,” continued Eppard. Here are three things anyone can do to work on a stronger, healthier mental attitude and better emotional well-being. Accept Responses – The first thing all people can do is understand their typical emotional responses to situations and accept that all responses are normal and acceptable unless they cause someone else harm. Accepting individual emotional responses makes it possible to avoid feeling guilty over situations that make people fee

‘This is not a game to me,’ Saudi Singer TamTam Urges Global Equality for Women

Saudi-born songstress, TamTam, will release the music video for her soulfully anthemic single Gender Game on October 28th, just one day after she headlines at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles. The singer and philanthropist hopes to spread her message of gender equality with an American audience. After leaving Saudi Arabia to record her EP and film her video here in the US, her authenticity and talent quickly garnered the support of Actress and Social Activist Geena Davis. TamTam recently wrapped up a short East Coast tour where she performed in front of world leaders and key Hollywood influencers at Geena Davis See Jane Symposiums.  Her performances were a special part of the events which were hosted by the Institute on Gender in Media. Gender Game, the single off of TamTam s recently released EP is now available on iTunes and for free on the singer s website. The release of the Gender Game music video on October 28th, marks the beginning of the #GenderGame campaign intended as a direc

New York Dental Practice Provides Full Spectrum of Care for the Whole Family

Dr. Fredrick Solomon of Tribeca Smiles cosmetic and family dental practice in New York uses his extensive experience to provide a compassionate patient experience with advanced treatments for the whole family.Tribeca Smiles offers esthetic dentistry options that feature a proprietary state-of-the-art tooth whitening system, new Invisalign® orthodontic solutions, porcelain restorations and advanced crowns and fillings procedures. Dr. Solomon’s porcelain veneers and bonding provide easy solutions for a bright, beautiful smile.He provides CEREC tooth restoration technology as well, crafting ceramic crowns, onlays and veneers in one visit. Tribeca Smiles builds their practice on a foundation of quality care and oral wellness for the family. In a relaxing, modern, spa-like environment, the staff performs general dentistry procedures as well as more complex solutions like bridge or implant creation for those with missing or broken teeth, wisdom teeth removal and more. The professional p

Organic Media Group Launches New Website

Organic Media Group LLC, a content driven and results oriented marketing agency, has launched its new website, at http://organicmediagroup.org/, to complement its already existing successful marketing services. President and CEO Miguel Salcido knew that the next logical step in Organic Media Group s growth was to actively promote the range of services offered by the agency. These services were previously only exclusively offered direct to other large digital agencies, or by referral. “While we had tremendous success working solely from referrals, now it’s time for growth, and we re really looking forward to using our website to help us become even more visible to potential clients,” said Salcido. “I’m excited with how it turned out but I’m even more excited to see where it goes.” Salcido, who has worked with brands such as Expedia, State Farm, and Chevrolet, says the launch will help connect to smaller businesses that could potentially benefit tremendously from Organic M

UV Blocker Takes A Stand Against Skin Cancer With Revolutionary Umbrella

A revolutionary new product presented by UV Blocker is a valuable weapon in the battle against skin cancer. The UV Umbrella was engineered to block the sun’s harmful UV rays from the skin by using a unique design featuring the patented Solarteck fabric.  These umbrellas afford outdoor lovers maximum enjoyment of activities under the sun without fear of damaging skin cells. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer found within the United States of America.  UV Blocker was created in 2003 to address the burgeoning concern over skin cancer while maintaining quality of life.  Their products allow users the ability to enjoy a day on the beach, the park, or simply spending time in the sun without worry over skin damage. Ron Walker learned about the dangers of sun damage when first diagnosed with Melanoma.  He and fellow UV Blocker co-founder, Russ Coulon, wanted to spread the word about their revolutionary products developed to help others like Ron who were in the midst of a batt

Armstrong Cal Builders Remodels SoCal Restaurants

Restaurants often market their ambiance and atmosphere to specific customers and niche markets. Casual dining establishments market to people who are looking for a laid-back place to grab a burger and beer while other restaurants offer a fine dining experience. In either case, those in the restaurant industry regard interior design as vital to success.  Armstrong Cal Builders offers quality remodeling and renovations as well as new construction for restaurants. Many contracting and construction companies in southern California offer customized design and interior construction to clients in the food service industry. However, this restaurant construction company as seen at http://armstrongcalbuilders.com/ collaborates with clients on the entire project. This includes starting with preliminary design, estimating, obtaining the proper permits and following the project through finished construction. Since many smaller restaurants model their atmosphere after that of a welcoming home, co

Use Blood Flow Restriction Training To Get Fit Without Lifting Heavy Weights

Exerscribe, a leader in exercise and fitness, has announced their latest product for workouts and muscle building. The blood flow restriction device that they offer to the fitness community allows for toning and sculpting without the heavy weightlifting that has been required in the past. This new method of exercise means that users can gain the same muscle definition at home with lighter weights as they would at the gym through heavy lifting. The occlusion training technique makes use of blood flow restriction for certain sets of muscles, which means that they are working harder with less effort. Exerscribe founder, Kusha Karvandi, has said the following regarding this unique method of biohacking: Occlusion training is not a hoax. If performed correctly, it is a research-backed technique to gain muscle tone without lifting heavy weight perfect for women, men during a deload week, or those with injuries. Exerscribe also says that this is a whole new way to lift weights and get in shap


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