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Finding Garage Cabinets Salt Lake City Dealer A 2014 Goal For RedLine Garagegear

High quality storage solutions may be difficult for homeowners to find in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas right now. But that is all subject to change, however, once powder coated wood garage cabinets manufacturer, RedLine garagegear (www.RedLineGaragegear.com), finds a suitable candidate to offer its products locally. The company has announced plans to begin aggressively recruiting local businesses and entrepreneurs to join its network of dealers. “When we decided to start taking a more proactive role in procuring new agents, one of the first states we started looking at was Utah and almost immediately we zeroed in on Salt Lake City as a desired location for a dealer,” said National Director of Sales and Research for RedLine garagegear, Bill Garrity. “We’ve already begun the process of reaching out to existing businesses and entrepreneurs in the area with samples of our products, things they need to know about RedLine, and information about our dealer program.” One

Finding Garage Cabinets Dealer in Knoxville a Significant Goal For RedLine Garagegear

RedLine garagegear, the manufacturer responsible for the original wood powder coated garage cabinets, is wasting no time in its effort to vastly grow its network of local authorized RedLine dealers. Company brass has made clear that their sights are set on Knoxville as the next location it will begin heavily recruiting. “We are absolutely ecstatic to begin searching for an entrepreneur or business owner in the Knoxville area to join our agent network and offer our storage products to local homeowners,” said Bill Garrity, RedLine Garagegear National Director of Sales and Research. “We currently have a local dealer serving Nashville and the Middle Tennessee area; so the natural progression now, at least for us, would be to expand east into Knoxville.” Something RedLine garagegear likes to make clear right away to potential new dealers is that its business opportunity is not a franchise. The RedLine dealer program has many of the same benefits as the franchise model without any o

Frux Home and Yard Announce New ‘Fairy Star Lights’ Now Available on Amazon.com

It may sound obvious, but nothing brightens up a room or yard, quite like elegant lighting. And no one delivers simple, affordable, but impressive lighting quite like Frux Home and Yard. Their latest product, which recently has been launched on Amazon.com are Fairy Star Lights , an extra long set of LED copper wire string lights complete with universal adapter. The string lights are warm white with a full 120 bulbs and the length is 43 feet, much longer than other copper wire light sets in the same price range. Once again Frux Home and Yard over delivers. We re really excited to offer these extremely versatile lights, remarked Mike McDonald, spokesperson from the company. They re waterproof, they can be used indoor and outdoors and are low power consumption lights. Plus they don t get hot to the touch and provide a safe way for anyone to enhance their home in a way that looks great inside and out. The Fairy Lights are a popular choice for things like weddings and parties, or decoratin

RedLine Garagegear Garage Cabinets Look For New Home In Columbus Area Showroom

Garage cabinets maker, RedLine garagegear (www.RedLineGaragegear.com), continues to push full steam ahead with efforts to acquire dealers in a number of new local areas by the end of 2014. The company has officially announced its intention to bring its search for a local authorized RedLine garage cabinets dealer to the Columbus area. “We’ve always considered Columbus an ideal location for a dealer; especially since it’s only eight hours away from our South Beloit, IL based manufacturing plant” said RedLine garagegear president, Troy Greenberg. “Up to this point we’ve just been waiting for a local business or entrepreneur to find us but now we’ll be actively recruiting in the Columbus area.” RedLine garagegear has been offering their garage cabinets to local homeowners in communities throughout the U.S. and Canada through a network of dealers since its inception in 2004. All of the local dealers in the RedLine network run independently owned and operated businesses free

Birmingham To Soon Have Local RedLine Garagegear Garage Cabinets Dealer

Despite being the largest city in Alabama, homeowners in Birmingham may have a difficult time finding high quality garage storage solutions locally. U.S. based powder coated wood garage cabinets manufacturer, RedLine garagegear, is hoping to reverse that trend by making its extensive product lines available to local homeowners through an authorized dealer in the area. “To date we’ve taken more of a ‘wait and see’ approach to finding someone in Birmingham to offer our products,” said Director of Sales and Research for RedLine garagegear, Bill Garrity. “Now we are being a bit more proactive by starting to search for and recruit area business owners and entrepreneurs to take advantage of the tremendous business opportunity we offer.” Unlike the franchise model, the RedLine Garage Cabinets Dealer Program has been designed to be most beneficial to the local dealer. RedLine does not charge franchise fees or royalties; and there are no inventory requirements to get started. Th

RedLine Garagegear Continues Search For Local Garage Cabinets Tallahassee Dealer

RedLine garagegear (www.RedLineGaragegear.com) is leaving no stone unturned in its search for a local Tallahassee business owner or individual to join its Garage Cabinets Dealer Program. The powder coated wood garage cabinets RedLine produces are sold to homeowners locally through its network of local agents. Finding someone in the Tallahassee area to partner with is at the top of RedLine’s wish list and a top goal for 2014. “We absolutely believe there is a ton of opportunity in Florida especially in the Tallahassee area,” said Bill Garrity, RedLine garagegear Director of Sales and Research. “We’re pretty excited to be talking with local business owners and entrepreneurs in the area and we’ve received a warm reception thus far from them as well.” RedLine has been working tirelessly this year recruiting new business owners and entrepreneurs for its Garage Cabinets Dealer Program. The Garage Cabinets Dealer Program allows independently owned and operated local businesses

RedLine Garagegear Garage Cabinets To Be Offered Through Local Dealer In Raleigh

RedLine garagegear (www.RedLineGaragegear.com) is pushing ahead with efforts to increase its local presence in communities throughout the country; announcing today a new campaign to find a local dealer for its products in Raleigh. Finding an existing business or new start up in Raleigh to offer RedLine’s garage cabinets, workbenches, and other storage solutions has become a top priority for the company in 2014. The RedLine Garage Cabinets Dealer Program can be considered a hybrid of the more conventional franchise model. It offers many of the benefits of a franchise without any of the typical burdens; like royalties, franchise fees, and inventory requirements. Director of Sales and Research for RedLine garagegear, Bill Garrity, offers invaluable insight on all the benefits of being a RedLine agent in his ‘8 Reasons Our Garage Business Opportunity Is Better Than A Franchise’ article published on the company blog. “We’ve really tried to do our best to make this the best possib

LeParfait Announces Launch of New Organic 100% Pure Argan Oil Product

Argan oil, an oil derived from a rare tree native only to a small part of the Moroccan Maghreb, has been steadily drawing more and more interest in the health and beauty world. Credited with carrying a number of benefits by its supporters and the subject of an increasing number of studies, the product finds itself in an increasing state of demand. Stepping up to answer this call by delivering a argan oil held to the strictest manufacturing standars, is the beauty and anti-aging company LeParfait, who recently introduced their 100% Pure Argan Oil product. Early customers of the new oil have been responding with both interest and enthusiasm. Some of the benefits of using the oil, according to the company, include:  its potential anti-aging effects as a skin moisturizer; its ability to bring new body, and life to brittle hair; and  its overall antioxidant qualities which can enhance overall health. LeParfait has chosen to use a 100% natural and organic Argan Oil to prevent some of the

RedLine Garagegear Expands Search For Local Garage Cabinets Dealer To Pittsburgh

Garage cabinets manufacturer, RedLine garagegear, is working hard to fulfill its 2014 expansion goals. The company recently began an active search for a local entrepreneur or established business willing to offer RedLine garage cabinets, workbenches, and other storage solutions locally to homeowners in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. “We’ve always seen Pittsburgh as a target area for us to have a local dealer and now we’re taking a more proactive approach to finding someone there willing to offer our product,” said RedLine’s Director of Sales and Research, Bill Garrity. “Conversations with local business owners thus far have been positive and we’re all very excited to make our products available through an agent in that area.” Since its inception in 2004, RedLine garagegear has offered its products locally through a network of dealers running independently owned and operated businesses. As part of the RedLine Garage Cabinets Dealer Program, local age

Turboflash Releases New Led Mini Camping Flashlight

TurboFlash has announced that they have released a new miniature lighting product which is called the TurboFlash LED Mini Camping Flashlight. This is a follow up tool to their originally successful product, the TurboFlash LED Headlamp. The new flashlight is being geared toward campers, people who enjoy being outside and consumers who require a small and compact lighting unit for emergency situations such as power outages and roadside travel needs. This new tactical LED flashlight is made of silver aluminum alloy, making it durable and esthetically appealing. It has been designed to be waterproof, shockproof, and rechargeable, and it uses a 18650 battery. TurboFlash feels that these qualities make it an ideal tool for outdoor travel and adventure activities. It also uses 250 lumens output, and is quite small and light at only 7.2 ounces in weight and 6.9 x 4.7 x 1.9 inches in size. The miniature camping flashlight reaches distances of fifty meters in length, and offers three different


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